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Why Million Stories?
Why Million Stories?

Why Million Stories?

Million Stories is a first-of-its-kind entertainment channel. Our acclaimed content runs the gamut of subject matter and flavor. It just might inspire you, make you think, make you laugh or even make you cry. And yet, underneath it all, every one of our shows has a purpose.

Our goal is to get people caring about their finances. Yes, we know it’s a subject that’s usually pretty dry, a real pain to get through, and often a big yawn.

Our purpose is to change all that.

If learning how to manage your money sounds difficult or dreary, then Million Stories is where you want to be.

We’re working to make the whole concept of personal finance fun and engaging. By using the power of storytelling we can capture attention and inspire action. Action that creates real change within individuals and their relationship with money. Action that causes people to take control and truly manage their finances. Action that inspires entrepreneurship.

Million Stories is not an educational channel, and yet, it’s a powerful learning experience.

We’re creating content with top directors and writers, celebrities and influencers that has a real impact, and with a significant goal in mind: To change the perception that money is boring or hopeless or complicated. It’s none of those things, and we’re out to prove it.

We hope you’ll be captivated by our shows, and motivated to click through to our articles and learning resources in order to gain a greater understanding of how different money and business concepts work, and how to put that knowledge into action. We believe everyone deserves financial freedom. And we’re going to do everything we can to help make that possible.

Because when you have financial skills, you’ll be prepared to pursue your dreams.

(And with over 100,000,000 views across all our channels since our launch in 2020, we know we’re on to something.)

Million Stories is a project of the , a nonprofit public benefit corporation.