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Original Series

American Paycheck

American Paycheck hits the road across America to discover how millennials make money, what they do with the money they make, and how they cope with adverse financial situations in their communities.
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Original Series


Ouch! Personal stories from people who discover the value of failure in pursuit of their dreams. New episodes coming soon.
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Original Series

Milk Money

Milk Money gets real with millennial families raising kids in today’s economy. Explore the true price of parenthood and dive deeper on family finances. New episodes coming soon.
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Original Series

Adulting with Richard Sherman

NFL football superstar Richard Sherman breaks down the money playbook. You’re adulting now, so adult with Richard Sherman. New episodes coming soon.
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Partner Series

WorkingNation's I Want That Job!

WorkingNation profiles interesting jobs across the country, each offering a promising career path for early-career workers of all education levels. We tell you what it takes to get the jobs you want.
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Curated Content

Team Favorites

A collection that covers a wide range of topics from career, money, and entrepreneurship to cooking!
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Curated Content


Give a listen to these podcasts that inspire and motivate us.
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Featured Topics

More than just original shows - Million Stories dives deep into the topics you care about most!


Finding your career or passion may feel like an uphill battle, but we're here with career stories that help you invest in yourself. Watch career stories that entertain, inspire and uplift.


How do millennials manage raising kids today? These stories explore parenting today in a fun and real way. Watch these family stories that explore the experience of how to parent.


If you like the idea of being your own boss, these stories show you millennials who have done it and how. There are great advantages of being an entrepreneur. Watch now to be inspired and entertained.


Explore budgeting basics and discover cool tips on how to save money with our entertaining and informative budgeting videos and resources at Million Stories.


Exploring money management has never been so fun and engaging. These stories will improve your money skills and will entertain, educate and inspire you to take the next step in your journey.


Where there is failure, life lessons are close by. Watch entertaining and inspiring stories of people who dug deep, going from failure to success, learning from failure as their journey evolved.