They say home is where the heart is. We never knew who “they” were, but it’s true that the home is a sacred oasis meant to be full of all of our sentimental and magical treasures. 

The holidays are always an exciting time to really create a winter wonderland. Regardless of your beliefs, there are many ways to add holiday cheer into your home while keeping the greenery in your wallet. Decorating for the holidays on a budget can be thrifty but glam. Some of the most fun and festive finds are at discount stores such as the 99-Cent Store, Smart, and Final, or Costco/Sam’s Club to name a few. 

When it comes to finding greenery, many nurseries and farms actually have leftover sprigs that you can use to make your own wreath, (also a great gift idea!). 

DIY Holiday Decor with Greenery

We love to buy fresh plant life from the flower market or Christmas tree lot for pine sprigs and make centerpieces or mantel garlands from them.  The scent is incredible, and it’s an inexpensive way to fill your home with fresh arrangements for decorating on a budget this Christmas or for other holidays. You can get beautiful pillar candles from the 99-cent store and place these inside of the centerpiece for an added touch. The key is to make them your own and add any embellishment you feel inspired by whether it be berries, birds, butterflies, etc. Funk it up!

Repurpose with Purpose

There is also the opportunity to repurpose things you haven’t worn in years. That sequins dress or top that has been collecting dust in your closet; make it into a tree skirt or a table cover. Those crushed velvet pants you wore for the disco Halloween party make the perfect table runner for this year’s dinner and a great conversation piece as you can talk about their “past life”! Pair these with that centerpiece you made, and you’ll have an unexpected but delightful DIY holiday decor look.


Lights add such a warm element to any space. You can use an old strand and put them in glass jars of your liking with a ribbon on top for a beautiful touch of elegance around your home. You can also reuse wine bottles to hold pillar candles for the centerpiece that you have created. 

Christmas Decorating on a Budget with Stockings

Stockings can turn into a ton of fun with family. We remember spending Christmas Eve decorating our own stockings made out of brown paper grocery bags and then line them up by the fireplace. It was an experience to be shared with loved ones while adding your own personal touch every year. It’s also really fun to save them and look back over the years at your family’s creations. You might start as a Lichtenstein and end up as a Michelangelo!

DIY Holiday Decor with Ornaments

Remember those days as a kid when we would cut out snowflakes? Try taking your skills to the next level and cut out your own ornaments. If you have old puzzle pieces then take those pieces, paint them green so that they look like holly, and paste them around the border with either a family, pet, or children’s photo in the center. This will be a beautiful heartfelt ornament for the tree and something your family will have as a keepsake for many years to come.

The Tree

Finally, if you’re feeling really adventurous and live in a place where it’s possible, you can always go Griswold style and cut down your own Christmas tree. Better yet go to a secondhand store and get a faux tree that you can use for several years to come. Faux trees are also way more low maintenance than a real tree.

It takes time to build a holiday decor collection so be patient with the process, and each year if you work on adding one thing at a time, your collection will build, just like your wallet will by saving this season. 2020 was challenging enough on our wallets and there is no need to add more stress to yourself over creating a festive ambiance when you have all the tools needed right inside of your own home. Plus, adding festive DIY holiday decorations and crafts this year will create new fun, family-friendly, and budget-friendly rituals for years to come

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