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Can Goats Relieve Stress?
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Goat Yoga. It might sound strange, but it turns out goats are smart, friendly, intelligent and soft. And doing downward dog with an upright goat is not only fun, but even therapeutic. They’ll jump on your back to improve your core strength, help you stretch deeper with their front hooves, test your balance, run underneath your legs in the “goat tunnel” during standing poses, and at the end of class, the goats even walk on your back for a post-yoga massage! Today you’ll meet Scout, who’s obsession with goats has turned her business into a 400 events-a-year enterprise. Scout’s goats interact with every yogi on command in every pose. Get ready to join the most interactive Goat Yoga class in the country. It’ll be an unforgoatable experience. (Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.)