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Meet the World’s Leading Animal Influencer Agency
  1.  >Meet the World’s Leading Animal Influencer Agency

If you’re looking for animals with talent, it doesn’t get any better than this. Today, you’ll be visiting Pets on Q, the world’s largest animal media booking company. You’re going to meet CEO/Founder Colleen Wilson, who started Pets on Q because of her love and dedication for animals and their well being.

It all began because Colleen realized that in today's entertainment industry, there’s no guarantee for an animal's safety and welfare. This inspired her to start Pets on Q, whose team is committed to changing how the entertainment industry collaborates with our amazing pets and animal community. With their new, proprietary methodology, they’re able to provide a trusting and safe environment for all animals. 

Colleen,  along with her COO Melissa Curtis, will soon be appearing as the stars of the new unscripted series on Netflix, Pet Stars. Today, Colleen will tell you the story of how it all started, and you’ll watch as she auditions some potential four-legged stars. An especially nice touch—a portion of their proceeds are donated to pet charities

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