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Negotiating the Inevitable “Where’s My Life Going?” Crisis
  1.  >Negotiating the Inevitable “Where’s My Life Going?” Crisis
Big houses, fast cars, and flashy boats… are we all destined to hit the “what do I really want with life anyway” crisis? While everyone’s therapy comes in different forms, does it have to mean burning obscene amounts of cash budgeted for things like, “life savings” just to reclaim your life? On today’s show we’ll share what YOU can do when you’re second guessing your goals and your life’s direction…so that you can keep the sportscar money in your pocket. Helping us out on the roundtable today is Kathe Kline, from the Rock Your Retirement podcast, Paula Pant from Afford Anything, and OG. Plus, we’re helped today by our special celebrity reader: Tom Schwab, founder and CEO of Interview Valet. We’re happy to have him reading our focus piece today!

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