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Museum Hack: Turn a Hobby Into a Multimillion-Dollar Business
  1.  >Museum Hack: Turn a Hobby Into a Multimillion-Dollar Business

When Nick Gray quit his full-time job in 2013, he had no savings and no investors to support his next pursuit: making museums less boring. That didn’t stop him from chasing after his dreams. He’d been casually showing friends around Manhattan’s famed Metropolitan Museum of Art, always for free. Then, as word got out, more people started asking for his unconventional tours. Museum Hack was born out of this high demand, and it was time to make money off his hobby.

With great success came great anxiety. Nick worried about charging for his tours; was the experience good enough to merit a price tag? Spoiler: it was! Museum Hack is now a multimillion-dollar business employing Broadway actors, standup comedians, science teachers, and more as tour guides. They bring magic back into museums for curious individuals and corporate teams alike.  

“Entrepreneurs are inherently dissatisfied with the way that the world works,” Gray says. “We’re creating new things because we want to see those things in the world.” Watch to learn more about how he transformed his passion into a career and scaled his business to turn a higher profit.

When Nick Gray quit his fu...

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