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For Lara Everly, the creator and director of Milk Money, the time had come to put aside the artificially perfect, stress-free, blissful pictures of life as presented on social media and show what it’s really like to raise a family on a budget. Taking care of kids, money management, and educating your kids on financial literacy is overwhelming, and in this gripping series, you’ll see it all in no-holds-barred reality. Stripping away the notion of the “perfect” influencer family, this is life as it really is; difficult, formidable, sometimes even painful. But in the end, watching these everyday, yet remarkable individuals working through the challenges using raw determination and creativity, is inspiring and incredibly uplifting.

Taking care of kids, working hard, and juggling budgets are nothing new to Lara Everly. She’s a mother herself of two young boys, so she knows the beauty (and the not-so-pretty) that comes with parenting and educating children. She created this series with the goal of keeping the conversation real and authentic, so you can apply the lessons learned to your own life and improve your financial health and mental well-being

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Learning: Family Finances

Raising kids is stressful and hard enough. Having a family financial plan and sticking to it will reduce anxiety and teach responsibility to everyone.