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Money. It sure comes in handy when you want to buy something.   
It does have its downsides though, and one of them is the effect it can have on a relationship. In fact, depending on the study you’re looking at, more people break up or get divorced over money than anything else.  
In our new reality series, we’ll explore the effect money has on relationships...and what can be done about it.  
We’ll meet couples of diverse backgrounds and situations who have one thing in common: Money problems. Maybe it’s one of them overspending. Or having crushing debt. Or hiding expenses. Or maybe they’re fighting over where the money should go. Or the differences in how they each think about money.  Whatever the issue might be, it’s having a big impact on their relationship. And that’s where we come in.  
First, we’ll meet each couple and learn about their problems. Our expert will then create a plan to get the couple out from under their crushing problems.   
Over time, we’ll see what happens. Can their relationship be saved through changing their money habits? This is a peek under the hood of real relationships, and whatever happens, through their journeys, all of us will have learned. This is Heartbroke, brought to you by Experian. #HBExperian

Money. It sure comes in handy when you want to buy something.   
It doe...