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Explore Seattle for Under $100
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Visit Seattle for only $100! Here’s how to see the Rainy City for a day while staying on a budget!

George centers his trip to Seattle around its “booms” – and one “bust” for good measure. He starts with the city’s Timber Boom and visits the bed and breakfast Tree House Point, which has all kinds of unique treehouses you can explore and even stay in! George only did the tour for $35, and enjoyed the river that ran through the forest. Speaking of water, he explores Seattle’s Shipbuilding Boom next with a visit to Ballard Locks to see the ships and their interesting engineering like the Salmon Fish Ladder. From the sea to the sky – George explores Seattle’s Boeing Boom at the Museum of Flight while discovering all the cool aircraft and exhibits!

But booms don’t last forever without a bust. After the Great Seattle Fire of the late 1800s, the city was rebuilt to be one to two stories higher than it previously was, which created the “Seattle Underground” – a tourist attraction now but a haven for illegal activity back in the day. After touring the basements of the underground, George then goes to the Seattle Center Company to pay homage to the apple capital of the country by drinking some hard cider. He meets up with Seattle local and chef Matt Broussard to spend the rest of his $12 on trying a flight of uniquely flavored local ciders. 

Treehouses, Shipyards, Boeing Museum, Underground Cities and lots of Cider - All this for $100! This is #GeorgeGoesEverywhere.

Visit Seattle for only $100! Here’s how to see the Rainy City for a day while stayin...

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