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Explore Portland for Under $100
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Want to travel to Portland while staying under budget? Here’s how to explore the city while spending less than $100!   George plans his trip around Portland according to its many nicknames starting with “City of Bridges.” He visits the “Ned Flanders Crossing”, a bridge named after a Simpsons character! He then explores one of Portland’s other nicknames “Stumptown,” which leads him to the world’s smallest park, “Mill Ends Park”, a tiny tree in the middle of the street! Portland is also known as the “City of Roses,” so George stops to smell some of the 600 different types of beautiful roses at Portland’s International Rose Test Garden! And he does all of this for free!  

George finally wants to spend some money and satisfy his thirst in “Beervana.” But to make things more interesting, he plays craft beer roulette to choose which beer to drink. And he does this with Portland natives, and vloggers and plant-based foodies, Chris Petrellese and Jasmine Briones; along with a PDX vegan food guide, Ashley Castellanos.   

Another nickname for Portland is PDX, what they call the airport, and it’s famous for its retro patterned carpets. So naturally, George spends $20 on a merch PDX shirt with the famous pattern on it. He works up an appetite and goes to Viking Soul Food for lunch and orders Norwegian Meatball Lefse. And to save the best for last, he spends $42 on what he was most excited about and the reason for the city’s nickname, “Rip City”— a Trailblazers game! 

Rose Gardens, Craft Beer, Viking Food, and a Trailblazers Game - All for under $100! This is #GeorgeGoesEverywhere.

Want to travel to Portland while staying under budget? Here’s how to explore the cit...

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