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Explore Louisville for $100
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You’re about to learn how putting yourself on a tight budget, in this case $100, could be the best thing that ever happened to your travel plans. George is an expert at finding things to do in a city, all for a miniscule amount of money. Today, George will take us to Louisville, Kentucky, where we’ll see places from the best known to the highly obscure. 
No trip to Louisville would be complete without seeing the beautiful Churchill Downs racetrack, and George will show us around. He’ll ride horses (well, simulated horses), he’ll try on jockey-wear, he’ll place bets, and he’ll give us a taste of the famous Superstars and Spires Tour. What a stunning, exciting place!
Next, George will try a Mint Julep, and tell us all about it. And from there, the world-famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Even if you’ve never watched a baseball game, this is a place that must be experienced. You’ll see the process from harvesting to creating the bats, and it’s truly jaw-dropping. You can almost smell the aromatic fresh-cut wood in the factory from here.
In another unforgettable experience, you’ll join George as we visit the Idlewild Butterfly Farm and Insectarium. You’ll see a rare African Millipede, with its bazillions of legs, up super close. You’ll watch as George holds a Madagascar Hissing Roach. And wait’ll you see the different Praying Mantises, including a pink gal who’s actually quite beautiful
Once you travel with George, the thought of putting yourself on a tight budget will be an advantage—it forces you to be creative, adventurous and seek out everything from the common to the most out there.

You’re about to learn how putting yourself on a tight budget, in this case $100, cou...

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