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When you think San Diego you think Zoo, right? Well, maybe not, if you budget yourself to only $100. But that’s okay! Because George is going to show you how to go to the zoo without actually visiting the famous one. Everything in this episode is animal related, interesting and fun, and you can do it all without burning through all your money in one spot. San Diego is a special city, and with George as your guide, you’re in for an uncaged treat.
First, George visits the beautiful  ecologically protected La Jolla cove to hang out with its famous sea lions, who spend their days cuddling with each other, lounging on the beach and goofing around in the water. (Remind me to come back as a sea lion.)
Next, George takes you to Jim’s Cave Store, a quaint, wood-shingled building, where you’ll head down the 144-steps from inside that lead through a dark and musty century-old smuggler’s tunnel to its historic Sea Cave. Once you and George reach bottom, you’ll land on a platform of rock that gives you one of the most unique views of the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast. Awesome, turbulent waves,  a mysterious cave and nearby seals. Perfect.
The water beckons, so George then takes you along as he dons a wetsuit and dives in. Will you see any dolphins, or seals, or maybe even a whale?
After an arduous journey into San Diego’s strong waters, George takes a break and visits the Bali Hai Restaurant. Here, as you enjoy the restaurant’s beautiful view of the city, you’ll join George as he tries a drink called the Monkey Wrench. What is it? Not what you might expect, but considerably less aggressive than Bali Hai’s other notable drink, the Paralyzing Puffer Fish.
After a delicious drink and spectacular view, it’s time for lunch, and George takes you to Normal Heights, an area that at one point was nothing but fields occupied by large quantities of rabbits. Hence, it’s only fitting you go to The Rabbit Hole, where you’ll enjoy their appetizer, Cottontail Bites. 
Remember, we’re on an animal theme here.
That being the case, George next takes us for a proper lunch at a completely animal friendly restaurant—vegan, actually—called Plant Power Fast Food. See if George can tell the difference between this scrumptious burger and one made from beef.
After a robust meal, George spends $2 on cat food. Why? It’s the perfect gift to bring to San Diego’s Cat Jetty, which is exactly what it sounds like. A jetty which is the home to a colony of feral cats. Watch as George tries to make some new friends.
The episode wraps up with George doing something very special with the balance of his $100. We won’t spoil it for you, but if you love Dr. Seuss, you’re in for a treat.

When you think San Diego you think Zoo, right? Well, maybe not, if you budget yourse...

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