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Explore Phoenix for $100
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Join George on his adventures, and you’ll soon see that holding yourself to $100 might be the best thing that ever happened to your travels. That kind of budget sparks imagination, creativity and offbeat adventures, great stuff most people miss.
In this episode, George explores little-known Phoenix. Using the five C’s of Phoenix’s history as his guide (you’ll soon see what that means), George takes us on an unforgettable trip. From cotton to cattle, climate to copper to citrus, George has you covered, and that’s just the first part of his visit.
You’ll join George as he tries his first Moscow Mule. Mmmmm….the perfect segue to visiting Phoenix’s famed Desert Botanical Gardens, possibly the greatest collection of Cactuses (actually, that should probably be ‘cacti’) in the world. There, George will discover a cactus actually called the “Lonely George”, a plant best known for being unable to reproduce on its own. Coincidence? You decide.
Yearning to explore some of Phoenix's beautiful outdoors, George visits the beautiful Hole in the Rock, even though it’s about 106º outside. 
Yeah, that trip up a mountain worked up an appetite. So George takes us to a truly unique restaurant, The Fry Bread House, named an “American Classic” by the James Beard Foundation. Run by members of the Tohono O’odham Nation, the food is amazing. George tries a Chumuth Burrito, and it’s better than he even imagined.
Of course, there’s more, until finally, George takes on the challenge of climbing famed Camelback Mountain, which he has to do early in the morning so the heat doesn’t do him in. Will he make it to the top and see the spectacular views, or will he simply melt? Join George in Phoenix, and find out!

Join George on his adventures, and you’ll soon see that holding yourself to $100 mig...

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