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Alex Le Roux: The Brains Behind 3D-Printed Houses
  1.  >Alex Le Roux: The Brains Behind 3D-Printed Houses

From the start, Alex Le Roux saw the potential of 3D printing. He dared to ask the question: why stick to the small stuff? As cofounder and CTO of ICON, a construction technologies company, Alex scaled up 3D printers so they could print out full-blown houses. We’re talking walls, ceilings, roofs — a true home for those who most need it. ICON built the United State’s first permanent 3D-printed house in 2018, and their success has only grown since then. See how the business is revolutionizing the housing industry and hear Alex’s advice for fellow entrepreneurs looking to make an impact.

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Head Down

For Alex Le Roux, success came after years of hustling and multiple failed companies. See if you’re in the right headspace to tackle an entrepreneurial project.

What’s Your Endgame?

As Alex said, ICON’s success didn’t happen overnight. Build a long-term business plan to help guarantee your biz is not only profitable, but also sustainable.

Team Players

One founder can’t do it all. Big ideas require lots of hard work, often from lots of different people. Get more info about managing a company as it grows.