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Conrad Palmisano: From High School Dropout to Stuntman and Filmmaker
  1.  >Conrad Palmisano: From High School Dropout to Stuntman and Filmmaker

This episode of Faceplant follows the story of Conrad Palmisano, a Hollywood stuntman with over 200 film credits to his name. From the school yard to the big screen, the renowned stuntman’s career was a result of resilience in the face of challenge. Fights in the schoolyard, the Vietnam War, and the Marine Corps prepared Conrad Palmisano for career challenges he never thought he would face. Whether he was crashing cars or getting buried alive, Conrad was prepared to jump at any opportunity and never give up when things got tough.

Developing grit and knowing how to stay the course helps build a strong career foundation. Conrad Palmisano’s story has its fair share of career challenges, but what kept him going was resiliency and ambition. At Million Stories, we believe that everyone has what it takes to be a success, no matter how many “Faceplant” moments they have in their story.

This episode of Face...

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Winning Fights Doesn’t Make You Tough, Losing Does

You won’t win every fight in life, but Conrad Palmisano is living proof that losing makes you tough and can set you up for success. This stuntman’s story is proof that grit and thick skin can get you far. Explore more with Million Stories and learn how to create a FIRE lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals, no matter what.

Do It and There’s No Excuses

Don’t hold back and don’t think twice… words to live by when it comes to setting up savings and planning for your future. Don’t be afraid to jump at opportunities that could completely change your finances for the better. Dive deeper with our Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) lifestyle learning center to get started on changing your financial future now!

When You’re Prepared, Opportunity Knocks

Life happens, whether you’re ready for it or not, so when an exciting new opportunity comes your way, seize it! Don’t wait for something to happen–take action and set yourself up for success! Take a deeper look into your savings and plans for the future with our retirement tools and get on the path to financial success today with Million Stories!