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GloZell Green: YouTube Personality and Comedian
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Starting from the bottom, and now look where she’s at. Glozell is one of the original YouTube influencers whose personality and wit brought her to the top. Red carpets, presidential interviews, and book deals were all flying her way, until: FACEPLANT.

We all have something to learn from the failures of successful people. After YouTube changed its algorithm, Glozell struggled and had trouble adapting to that change. From videos with over 55 million views to just a few thousand, Glozell found herself on the outside looking in. She decided it was time to change. Glozell began fighting her way back.

Glozell’s YouTube story is one that shows us a prime example of coming back even stronger after her Faceplant. Watch now to find out how she did it!

Starting from the bottom, and now look where she’s at. Glozell is one of the origin...

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