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Nicole Buergers: The Queen Bee of Side Hustles
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From speed dating host to flipping perfume on eBay, Nicole Buergers is no stranger to side hustles. But when she got her first hive and started beekeeping in her backyard, something clicked. Harvesting hyperlocal honey and introducing Houston to new flavors was her real passion, so it was time to quit her full-time marketing job. “I just held my breath and did it one day,” she said about her decision to “run in the fields with the bees.” Launching her cleverly named Bee2Bee business was no easy feat, however. She needed money to get things up and running, but where can a small biz owner find the big bucks to bring their vision to life? See how Nicole found funding and financing and adjusted her business strategy to turn a profit.

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Build a Nest Egg

Nicole made the risky decision to quit her full-time job without a stash of emergency savings. Learn more about setting money aside so you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

Figuring Out Funding

Sometimes savings aren’t enough to get your biz off the ground. Nicole dipped into her retirement account and turned to crowdfunding, but there are several different sources of financing and funding.

Find Your People

To turn a profit, Nicole had to rethink her strategy and look for additional retailers. Learn more about building a loyal customer base for your products or services.