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Nebraska: Technology Meets Traditional Agriculture
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While pursuing a career in agriculture or owning a farm isn’t as common as it used to be, millennials in Nebraska are modernizing this old industry sector for success. Now, they’re forging the gap between farming and automation. Farmers are the backbone of our nation. Whether you’re new to the industry or it’s a family business, a career in agriculture can be for you. Social media, online tutorials, and other assets make it possible to become part of the “Silicon Prairie” in Nebraska. From milking cows to planting corn, tech is improving the health and wellness of animals, crops, and even the farmers themselves. These Millennials are shaping the future and proving that owning a farm is attainable. For more helpful resources on entrepreneurship, click on the link below "Dive Deeper". You can also more find more videos about it under our "Topics" section.
While pursuing a career in agriculture or owning a farm isn’t as common as it used to b...

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