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How to File Your Taxes
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Richard Sherman shares in the viewers woes about paying taxes every year, but we all have to do it--so the Coach breaks down how to file them.

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Learning: Taxes

We all prefer not to think about taxes, but it’s unavoidable. Knowing more about your tax situation and being prepared ahead of time saves you stress and anxiety during tax season.

Tackle Your Taxes Headfirst

Filing your taxes is a tedious chore, but everyone has to do it — no excuses! Go through our step-by-step guide to make the process as painless as possible.

Dare to Deduct

Learn to budget your money to keep track of expenses you can deduct during tax season. The more you deduct, the more cash stays in your pocket. Who doesn’t want that?

See Surprises Coming

Think you might owe taxes? Learn to set up a savings account and contribute to it all year so you’re prepared for the hefty price tag you’ll have to pay come April.