Victor Kong is the Administrative Assistant to Million Stories Media. He is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of our media tasks, including obtaining and coordinating assets, keeping track of data, analytics, meetings, original site content, as well as maintaining relationships with various partners and clients.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job and what do you find challenging?

The most rewarding thing about my job is being able to pitch in and work not only on administrative duties, but dive into the creative process. The most challenging thing is finding the time to work on all my various tasks as I often have a dozen assignments that pop up during the day.

What’s the BEST personal finance advice you’ve ever received?

The best financial advice I ever received was to “live below your means”. Just because you make a certain amount or you have a certain job, it doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to reflect that. If you can afford a one-bedroom apartment, there’s nothing wrong with living in a studio with a little less space. This goes hand-in-hand with a piece of life advice I once received from Roger Ebert which was to “start at the top”. You dress for the job you aspire to, but you should never think anything’s beneath you.

What’s the WORST personal advice you have ever received?

I’ve never received much financial advice growing up, so the worst part was stumbling along the way trying out different financial decisions – but the silver lining of this was the ability to explore multiple options and find something that works with me rather than sticking to one narrow path.

What’s your favorite Million Stories series/episode and why?

My favorite MS story is GloZell’s Faceplant episode. There is an important lesson in understanding life is not a straight line – successes and failures take you up and down like a rollercoaster of corkscrews, and inversions. Especially for millennials, realizing that “breaking into the industry” is not a finite thing – you will break in and out all your life and GloZell’s episode is a great example of how to persevere in spite of that.

What has been your experience during COVID and how has it impacted your life?

Personally, COVID has affected my social life significantly. I’m introverted by nature but I like going out to places and forcing myself to attend social functions. Some people like going to the mall or the beach on weekends – I like going to theme parks. Before COVID, I spent almost every Sunday for the past 5 years at Disneyland. It’s a place to meet up with friends, eat, play, people-watch, and reset yourself for the upcoming week – and I’m looking forward to when I can do that again.

You only joined The Singleton Foundation a couple of months ago. What has it been like to start a new job completely remotely?

Although I like the structure and social interactions of an office, being able to work at home and use that time to get acquainted with my own pace and workflow has been helpful and healthy for me mentally. It’s forced me to create my own boundaries at home, which has given me more discipline in my personal life.

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