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WorkingNation: I Want That Job! - Power Line Technician

Jacob Wageman served in the Marines for nine years. Upon being discharged, he was unsur...
Jacob Wageman served in the Marines for nine years. Upon being discharged, he was unsure of what he wanted to do. However, he soon found a new career opportunity: being a power line technician at Pike. One of Jacob’s favorite things about his new position is how much his job impacts his community: he works on the lines that bring power to his family and friends every day, and this gives him a new sense of purpose. To become qualified for this job, Jacob completed Pike’s Career Development Apprenticeship Program. The goal of Pike’s program is bringing in new employees and giving them the training and skills necessary to be successful in the power line technician industry. Veterans are one of the main target groups for their training programs because of their previous experience and unique attributes: discipline, an integral ability to work in teams, and technical skills, to name just a few. The organization NC4ME (North Carolina for Military Employment) is an important part of this mission. They connect qualified candidates who can start working immediately to Pike. Power line technicians install and repair the cables and wires used in electrical power and distribution systems. They are also responsible for erecting power poles, lights, and setting up heavy-duty transmission. Typical education and training for a power line technician is a high school diploma and proper certification from an apprenticeship or lineman school, and with a median pay of around $70,000/year, it’s a great career to explore.