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A Life-Changing Horseback Ride
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It’s called hippotherapy (“hippos” is the Greek word for horse), and it can make an amazing difference in the life of a child with a disability. Riding on a horse can be remarkably therapeutic. With the movements of the horse similar to a human gait, a child can learn and experience what walking really feels like. Rather than teaching a child to ride, they’re teaching them to improve fine motor skills while sitting and language skills while talking to the horse. Leaps & Bounds helps economically disadvantaged kids with disabilities by teaching them how to groom, tack and ride a horse, and they have horse related games involving obstacle courses and balls and hula hoops. Through their tireless and  inspiring work, Leaps & Bounds has become America’s largest horse therapy center, serving over 1,000 kids a week! Meet Founder Cassandra Sanders-Holly, and get ready to have your heart touched.