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Training the Most Talented Tabbys. Meet The Savitsky Cats.
  1.  >Training the Most Talented Tabbys. Meet The Savitsky Cats.

Think it’s impossible to train a cat? Oh, you’re in for a treat. The Savitsky family has been training felines in their native Ukraine for generations, recently rising to fame on America’s Got Talent. Mom, Svitlana leads the globally successful cat performance team. She started training cats when she was 10-years old, dreaming of one day training lions and tigers. Well they’re still predators, right? The act includes her daughter Maryna, her son Misha and nine highly talented cats. They perform all over the world, from NBA Halftime shows to L'arbre de Noëlin France. These amazing furballs zigzag up ladders, jump through hoops, and race up a pole before diving onto a pillow some 20 feet below. When you see them, you’ll understand why they got rae reviews from People Magazine, The New York Times, and The New Yorker, amongst a lot of others.

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