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Inside the Life of a Father & Daughter Sheep Shearing Business
  1.  >Inside the Life of a Father & Daughter Sheep Shearing Business

After five generations in the family, Graciano Hernandez and his daughter Sammie still rise before dawn, prepare their equipment, jump in the truck and head out to shear sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, and, well, you name it. Even camels. With over 800 clients, their services are critical to the health and happiness of the animals. And even though it’s a demanding, difficult job, they’ve devoted their lives to it. Graciano gets emotional talking about it, because for him, what they’re doing has profound meaning. Doing this job makes him feel as if his ancestors live on. That they’re right there with him. That’s why he named the business Legacy Shearing. As you’re about to see, watching them at work has never been more fun.

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