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Giving the Pet Accessory Industry a Whole New Look
  1.  >Giving the Pet Accessory Industry a Whole New Look

Founded in 2018 by Christopher Cargnoni when he couldn’t find the clothes he actually wanted to buy for his dog, Fresh Pawz is disrupting the pet accessory industry. They’ve introduced innovative, first-of their-kind streetwear fashion which bridges the gap between pop culture and your beloved pooch. With everything from leashes and collars to  raincoats, and yes, even shoes, Christopher has created something fresh, unexpected, and long overdue. Along the way, he’s revitalized the market, bringing new life to an otherwise mundane product selection. And he’s collaborated with some of the largest brands in the world, including the NBA, Hello Kitty, MLB and Nickelodeon. Fresh Pawz is an entirely different breed of runway ready accessories that allow your four-legged friend to effortlessly become an extension of your lifestyle.

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