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“I believe my setbacks are actually a setup for my comeback!” - GloZell

GloZell is one of YouTube’s biggest stars. And yet, when it came to money and celebrity, well, GloZell had her challenges. When you’ve never learned the first thing about handling finances, it can lead to—ahem— a lot of problems.

Now—and there’s no way to put this delicately—GloZell is broke, and she’s reaching out to her celebrity friends for guidance.

It’s time for GloZell to break the taboos and have a frank conversation about life, love and all of her financial blunders on The GloZell Show Special!

In this exclusive pilot GloZell’s guest is makeup guru and YouTube star Kandee Johnson. Kandee is best known for her much-loved channel, as well as for being a judge from Hulu/Lifetime’s Glam Masters and her collaborations with Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. Kandee also has a popular line of shampoo and conditioner with OGX and several projects with Too Faced Cosmetics.

In their heart-to-heart conversation, GloZell admits publicly that she has an eviction notice and under $500 in the bank...but hopes to learn some of Kandee’s savvy business skills. Kandee shares how early childhood experiences and personal struggle taught her resilience and the true value of a dollar.

GloZell wants every viewer to be reminded that there’s strength, not shame, when we share our stories and ask for help. And this is just one of a million stories GloZell has to share!

“I believe my setbacks are actually a setup for my comeback!” - GloZell


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