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$45k to Become an Urban Homeowner with Janelle Briggs
  1.  >$45k to Become an Urban Homeowner with Janelle Briggs

Feminist scholar turned real estate entrepreneur, Janelle Briggs wants to ensure the American Dream of homeownership is affordable and accessible to everyone.

An idea that may sound far-fetched and futuristic — one that most architects have only dreamed of on paper — Briggs and her cofounder/partner are making a reality. Stackhouse, a real-estate development company, is creating building structures — called stackhouse towers — in which shipping container homes can be stacked one on top of the other in a communal living space, with shared areas such as a roof deck.

These tiny container homes can be customized and moved city to city in the United States. A basic container home will set you back about $45,000. Yep, you can be a homeowner for a fraction of regular costs. Briggs and her cofounder are helping people who otherwise couldn’t afford to live in an urban space by creating these tall buildings with a small physical footprint, requiring only modest land space to be built.

The first stackhouse tower is planned for Tucson, Arizona, with others being slated for Texas and Colorado.

Listen as Briggs talks managing mental health and workload, being overlooked in the boardroom because she’s a woman, and using her privilege to stand up for what’s right on this episode of SheVentures.

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