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Bite: The Revolutionary Business That Found Success Through Sustainability
  1.  >Bite: The Revolutionary Business That Found Success Through Sustainability

In 2017, Bite founder Lindsay McCormick saw a problem — billions of plastic toothpaste tubes crowding landfills — and set out to fix it. Late at night, after wrapping her full-time job, she took chemistry classes and experimented with environmentally friendly ingredients to formulate a sustainable solution: zero-waste toothpaste tablets. Clean teeth and a cleaner planet; it was a win-win!

Next up? Getting her revolutionary product out of her living room and into the bathroom cabinets of future customers. Lindsay taught herself business basics on YouTube before landing a spot on Shark Tank, where she made the shocking decision to turn down Mark Cuban. She wanted to build her biz her way, from the sourcing to the manufacturing to the marketing. One viral video later and now she’s making $12 million in sales.

By listening to her customers and keeping a close eye on every aspect of her company, Lindsay reformulated and expanded her products to reach an even wider audience. Thanks to her hard work and attention to detail, Bite has become a leader among environmentally-conscious companies, fighting plastic pollution one toothbrush at a time

In 2017, Bite founder Lind...

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