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Elena: Finding Happiness in Moving Home to the Reservation
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For elementary school teacher Elena, life on a reservation is hard. Really hard. But the struggle actually began a while back. While in her teens, Elena married and had a child. It was then she moved away from her people. Leaving the reservation was an adventure that showed her a new side of the world, but she and her husband were living paycheck-to-paycheck . The struggle took its toll, and sadly, the marriage ended. After divorce, Elena returned to the reservation as a single parent and took charge of her life. She became a teacher. And she learned to budget, which made all the difference. Caring for her son on the reservation, while working to make life better, saving and planning has been difficult, but through determination and ingenuity, Elena is making it happen. This is a story of overcoming hardship through hard work, discipline and creativity.

This episode of Milk Money shows the power of a mother’s love and the transformation that comes along with it. Whether you’re a single parent or learning how to get by on your own , budgeting after divorce is a daunting task. Taking on multiple jobs, reading books, and relying on help may seem overwhelming, but Elena proves it can be done. Her story will fuel your inspiration and warm your heart.

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