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Sarah & Robert: Family of 9 Downsizes from Big Home to Trailer
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For Sarah and Robert, moving to Texas was the most dramatic, difficult change they ever made. So while everything is supposed to be bigger in the Lone Star state, for this young family, struggling to improve their finances, it meant leaving their spacious home in Arizona for a major home downsizing. Yet, shrinking their lifestyle is only the beginning of their story. You may have read other stories about homeschooling, but for Sarah and Robert, in their new small home with seven (yes, seven!) children, it was an incredible challenge. Imagine trying to teach seven kids, all different ages, all full of energy and questions, all in the same small space at the same time. Whew. Turns out, juggling personal and family finances was the easy part of taking care of their family of nine. While this might seem like a story about budgeting and home downsizing, in the end, it is a touching story of a family looking for a simpler, more connected lifestyle, filled with love and togetherness.

Sarah and Robert’s story is not only compelling, but inspirational. To see how they made difficult decisions, even sacrifices, would make you think they were giving something up. But in the end, their discipline and hard work brought their family closer than ever, and their lives even richer than they had imagined possible.

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