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Jenn & Jack: Helping Their Child with Autism Thrive
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For Jenn and Jack, living with an autistic child has opened their eyes to alternative ways of thinking and to expect the unexpected. On this episode of Milk Money, Million Stories is diving deep into the struggle, beauty, and fulfillment of being parents. From dealing with the daily battles of parenthoodto the unique challenges of living with an autistic child, this couple demonstrates just how far love can, and should, go.

Instead of staying at her six figure job, Jenn decided to give up that job to be where she felt she needed to be: with her family. But with the high cost of insurance, and the monthly costs over $9,000, they had to get creative. Watch to find out how they turned things around with a new business and kept their family and marriage intact.

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Stories like Jenn and Jack’s are exactly what people need to hear for inspiration and motivation. Whether it’s living with an autistic child, building a career with your partner, or learning how to budget for unexpected medical care, life throws us curveballs. It’s all about how ready we are to catch them. Million Stories is here to lighten the load and distribute useful knowledge to help people get empowered. Our tools and resources paired with series like Heads or Tails and LAdulting With Richard Sherman will give you a solid set of essential life skills you can use everyday.

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Raising kids is stressful and hard enough. Having a family financial plan and sticking to it will reduce anxiety and teach responsibility to everyone.