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Living your best life looks different for everyone, and sometimes that means starting a business with your partner in life! For entrepreneur couples, like Steve and Angela, there are the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. In the episode of Milk Money, we explore how self-employed parents cope with the financial stress of having a child. After years of hustling and struggling to make ends meet, it was the birth of their baby girl that brought on creative freedom and a spirit of of entrepreneurship. Whether it’s paying for diapers and formula or finding hours in the day for quality time with their child, Steve and Angela make it work.

It’s our mission at Million Stories to provide entertainment, inspiration and education on all things financial. From budgeting to starting a business with your partner, we’ve created content that will encourage you to get on track with your finances. Starting a business can be hard, but for entrepreneur couples, there are unique strains that can affect not only the business, but your relationship.

Explore more with tools and resources from Million Stories! If you’re just starting out in life, want to plan for a family, or need some helpful tips on starting a business with a partner, we’re here to help things go right. Join the Million Stories community today and get the most out of your finances!

Living your best life looks different for everyone, and sometimes that means starti...

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