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Rossi: Single Father Juggles Multiple Jobs
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For most American families, working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet and putting your kids’ needs before your own is pretty typical. Now imagine that same scenario, but with only one parent in the picture. In this gripping episode of Milk Money, we’re sharing the story of a single dad. His name is Rossi, and for him, being a single dad is harder than he ever thought it might be—and yet, it’s the most empowering thing he’s ever done. Rossi works hard to give his son everything. And he tries to teach his son all the lessons he’s learned in life, including the value of hustling. Whether he’s working one of his multiple part time jobs doing food delivery or working retail, Rossi proves to his son everyday what it means to be a good man and a loving father—showing us that the greatest lessons in parenting are showing our kids what loving parenting looks and feels like.

Living life as a single dad and budgeting groceries, rent, and everyday needs is tough. This is a story of love, of struggle, of lessons learned and sacrifices made. In the end, it’s a story of hope and encouragement.

For most American families, working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet and pu...

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