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Johanna & Ray: Going From Free to Expensive Childcare
  1.  >Johanna & Ray: Going From Free to Expensive Childcare

Among the many parenting challenges millions of Americans face every year, childcare is one of the most expensive. In this episode of Milk Money, a family is forced to get creative with covering child care expenses as their free childcare comes to an end. Whether it’s relying on friends and family members or hacking the nanny system, this mom and dad duo prove their resourcefulness by creating a “village” to raise their kids with. Childcare costs include food, diapers, books, clothes, and so much more, and this episode of Milk Money shows just how innovative people can be when their budget is stretched thin.

When parenting challenges come your way, it’s important to remain calm and use it as a learning experience for everyone. Having those tough family conversations about money can be awkward, and most of us don’t even know where to start. But we have you covered! Whether it’s talking about child care expenses or starting with your money basics, we have you covered with the tools and resources you need.

At Million Stories, we’re passionate about sharing the stories of people who go above and beyond in pursuing their goals, and in supporting themselves and their families. Parenting challenges come with immense responsibility. When times get tough, it’s hard to feel hopeful. It’s our goal to inspire families and individuals to take control of their situation, no matter how dire childcare costs and other bills may seem.

Among the many parenting challenges millions of Americans face every year, childcar...

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