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The Man Who Found a Viable Alternative to Plastic
  1.  >The Man Who Found a Viable Alternative to Plastic

A frightening fact: By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. In fact,  plastics have seeped into all corners of the environment. In addition to the larger wrappers, bags, and bottles that litter the land and oceans, microplastics pollute less obvious places, including Antarctic ice, Colorado rainwater, and our own bodies. But now, Newlight Technologies and its co-founder and CEO Mark Herrema  aim to change all that, and put an end to plastic as we know it. They’ve spent nearly 20 years developing a sustainable, ocean-degradable biomaterial made from a biopolymer that’s produced by bacteria in the ocean. Carbon-neutral and already in production, it’s a big step forward in saving our planet.

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