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Taylor Price: How TikTok Helped Make Her Content into a Career
  1.  >Taylor Price: How TikTok Helped Make Her Content into a Career

For Taylor Price, the 9-5 just didn’t cut it. Lucky thing, because now, Taylor is helping her 1.2 million followers hack the American Dream. Price is using her platform to help her followers understand the ins and outs of personal finance. She makes the subject interesting, easily understandable, and easily available. Price proves that when anyone creating work on their own terms succeeds, it can lead to a more well-rounded kind of wealth, by giving them an emotional balance between work and life. “When we talk about my generation kind of canceling out nine to five, it makes sense because there’s no sense of freedom. You’re committing to somebody else, you’re working for somebody else’s dreams instead of working for your own,” Price says

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