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Explore Las Vegas for Under $100
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A trip to Vegas for only $100? It’s possible. See just how much you can do in Sin City for a day even on a budget!

Today, George is exploring the infamous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Although known for its opulence and gambling, it’s not impossible to enjoy the city on a budget. With $100 to spend for the day, George leaves his itinerary up to chance – the classic Vegas way. 

Starting with a look into “Old Vegas” the first coin flip brings us to the National Atomic Testing Museum, and it definitely blew George away. Then, for both a drink and an experience to cool down, George heads to the Minus5 Ice Bar where literally everything is made of… ice! For a true Vegas style bite, the next coin flip chooses Saint Honorè, a “couture” donut shop where we meet up with owner Alexandra Lourdes, who was named one of Las Vegas’ 40 under 40 businesswomen and one of the top entrepreneurs of the city! With only $17 left in the budget, George decides to stretch this further with a visit to the free Pinball Hall of Fame to embrace the gaming culture of the city. Ending the trip with a dose of history, George’s coin brings us to the wild Techatticup Mine & Ghost Town. 

Museums, Drinks, Food, Games, and History - five fun filled stops in Vegas all for under $100! Watch the full episode of #GeorgeGoesEverywhere!

A trip to Vegas for only $100? It’s possible. See just how much you can do in Sin Ci...

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