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Explore Austin for Under $100
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What can you do in Austin, Texas for only $100? A Lot! Here’s how to explore ATX on a budget!

While many cities are known for being weird, “keep Austin weird” was the first, so George centers his trip on finding the weird in Austin!

He starts his visit with a trip to the Cathedral of Junk — a 60-ton structure of backyard junk piled on top of each other — which he claims is even cooler than the Great Wall of China! He then searches for an Austin style lunch and discovers Matt’s El Rancho that serves Bob Armstrong dip, a queso-like dip that has all the taco ingredients in it and is served with giant chips. Ready to quench his thirst after lunch, George tries another Austin creation, the Mexican Martini, a unique spin on a margarita by adding olive juice added on top. He tries this concoction at Lala’s Little Nugget, a year-round Christmas themed bar.

Since Austin is considered the Live Music Capital of the World, George takes us to the Broken Spoke Saloon where they have live music AND Texas two-step dance lessons. His friend Gabrielle Reyes, a chef and musician, joins him for the fun and teaches him to dance - or at least tries to. To take things back in the weird direction, he goes to the Little Longhorn Saloon to play “Chicken S**t Bingo.” $20 of bets later, will George win? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out! 

Weird Art, Delicious Dips, Unique Drinks, Texas Two-stepping, and Bizarre Bingo - a full day trip to Austin, for under $100! This is George Goes Everywhere.

What can you do in Austin, Texas for only $100? A Lot! Here’s how to explore ATX on ...

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