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Dori Howard: Reinventing Her Life and Career as a Serial Entrepreneur
  1.  >Dori Howard: Reinventing Her Life and Career as a Serial Entrepreneur

From Hollywood to women’s fashion, Dori Howard is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience… along with setbacks. In this episode of Faceplant, we dive into trademarking a brand, reinventing your career, and the importance of resiliency as an entrepreneur.

Dori thought politics was going to be her career, but her life as a serial entrepreneur began after starting her own shoe company with her sister. However, investors didn’t want the shoes—they wanted their tights. So, 10,000 tights, countless long nights, and one website later, Dori had her business. But obstacle after obstacle kept coming up. From legally trademarking a brand to completely changing the name, Dori had to adapt.

How did she do it? Watch to find out! This story of resilience, passion, and hard work is the perfect Faceplant story to help you push through a professional crisis. Whether you’ve just experienced your first failure or have a thick skin from years of setbacks, Faceplant stories, like serial entrepreneur Dori Howard, are sure to inspire and reignite your passions.

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