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Tikka Masala: More Mouthwatering Flavors for Less Money
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Check out Money Smarts for the full recipe here.

What’s better than homemade Tikki Masala that doesn’t cost a fortune when you’re craving comfort food? In this episode of Fed and Frugal, chef Amy is taking the idea of her Tikka Masala recipe and making it more approachable. Don’t worry. The flavors will still be there, and your dish will be delicious!
This meal can save you time and money because you can make the sauce ahead of time and store it in your freezer to use for something else. Today’s recipe will use rotisserie chicken but you can also use leftover chicken, pick up a roasted chicken from the store or just roast one yourself.
Start your meal by buttering your pot, or use a cooking oil you like, let it get hot, then add in your onions, serrano peppers and ginger. Stir until they caramelize. Then add the confit garlic, which will break down inside the pot, and tomato paste. Add in the coconut milk after and let it simmer to develop more flavors!
You can make your cheese platter cost effective by buying cheeses on sale or using large portions of fruits, vegetables and crackers to offset the cheese. You can also add some meats like salami on your board. Amy suggests you start by placing three to four cheeses on your board then adding fruits around it. 

If making or using garlic confit, make sure to keep it refrigerated after preparing and use within 7 days. (See this USDA article for more)

Check out Money Smarts for the full recipe