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North Dakota: Boom or Bust of the Oil industry
  1.  >North Dakota: Boom or Bust of the Oil industry
In a city that thrives from the oil industry, three brother entrepreneurs use their experience in the field to innovate for a safer workplace.

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The Hardest Part Isn’t Budgeting

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows… something we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s feast or famine, you need to be budgeting and tracking your money. From planning for the future to investing in small businesses, you can take control of your money with a simple budget. It’s something everyone can do, so dive deeper with Million Stories and learn helpful tips and trick for budgeting!

Placing Yourself in a Different Environment

Just like your body’s health, you need to know your financial health–no matter where you are in life. Are you earning enough for your lifestyle? Where are you spending too much money? Do you have enough in your emergency savings? It’s easy to overlook these things, but they’re crucial in keeping you financially fit. Take advantage of the resources from Million Stories to help you develop healthy financial habits today!

Putting Money Back Into Investments

Investing seems like something that’s only attainable for the super rich, but that is a flat-out myth! Investing is for anyone who wants to make money and better their finances. When you choose to invest in something you care about, you’ll not only better your finances, you’ll better yourself. Take a deeper look and learn how sustainable investing might be the right fit for you!