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Opening a Checking Account
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Richard Sherman recalls opening his first checking account before our Coach explains the process in three easy steps.

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Choosing Checking vs. Saving

What’s the difference? A checking account can set you up for success from a young age. It’s easy access to funds and can help you out when you need cash fast. A savings is great for...well, saving. Learn more about these two accounts and dive deeper with our checking account resources from Million Stories!

Research Your Best Bank

Don’t just go to the first bank that will accept you. Take the time to research what your best match is to accommodate your specific needs. Some even have incentives for first-timers or military vets. Not sure where to start? Dive deeper with our tools and resources to help you learn more about baking and how you can do it on your phone and online!

It’s Time to Apply

Great, let’s get started! Make sure you have everything you need to get your finances in check. Identification, address, the whole thing. Of course, there’s more to it than just that. There are fees, certificates of deposits, and more that need your attention. Get to know these terms and learn everything you’ll need to know when it comes to bank accounts.