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Tackling Your Student Loans
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Richard Sherman gives his views on student loans and how they're a necessary investment in yourself before our Coach provides strategies for tackling student loan debt.

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Know Your Loan End Date

With over 1 trillion dollars of student loans in America, it’s easy to feel burdened, but you don’t have to be crushed by your debt. Knowing when you’ll be done paying off your loans gives you hope for the future, but can also motivate you to get them paid off sooner. Get on track with these resources.

Start with Your Credit Card Debts

Credit cards seem like a good idea in college, but their interest rates are tough to handle. Paying off your credit card debt first is a smart move to reduce your overall payments in the years to come. Learn more about debt management and start your strategy today!

Squashing Loans with Some Budget Hacks

College kids are broke, so why do most of them not budget? Budgeting is a great tool to help you get the most out of your college experience and set you up for financial success after graduation. Empower yourself and learn more about taking control of your payments here.