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Richard Sherman discusses the importance of building credit, how it's like your reputation in the financial world, before our Coach breaks down the best ways to build one's credit from scratch.

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Defaults and Collections

Whether it’s a misunderstanding or hardship in life, we all have trouble paying our loans back. But debt can be good–if it’s manageable and will be an investment for the future. Learn more about the nuances of debt and get on track to pay off your loans.

Get the Best Deal on Credit Cards

Credit cards can be scary, but there are loads of ways you can use them to boost your credit score and better your financial situation–you just have to know which one works best for you. Avoid costly mistakes that will follow you for years and learn how to effectively manage your credit cards. Explore more with Million Stories today!

It’s Never Too Late to Raise Your Score

40% of Americans don’t know what their credit score is–a number we all need for buying a house, a car, getting a credit card. If your credit score seems hopeless, think again. There are many ways you can raise your credit score, and it’s never too late to start!