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Richard tells us what his first years of the NFL were like, and how he stayed on track. Yes, even NFL stars need to budget. Budgeting has helped millions of people regain their financial independence and get back on track. And if you need some advice on budgeting and how to do it, click on the links under “Dive Deeper” for more helpful resources. You can also click on “Budget” under Topics for more videos on budgeting.

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How to Budget My Money

Creating a budget that works with your income and lifestyle is easy when you use the right resources and take a few minutes to break all of your expenses down. Dive deeper and get on track and work toward your financial goals with these budgeting resources.

Defining Your Habits

A latte here, a night out there–little things like this shape your spending habits. Check your financial fitness and see how “in-shape” your finances are with our questionnaire. Explore even more financial fitness tips and how to reshape your habits here.

Keeping the Long Vision in Play

From saving for a house to preparing for retirement, you can easily set yourself up for success–no matter where you are in life. Answer a few simple questions to delineate your goals, and discover ways to keep working toward them.