After the global health crisis in 2020, it has never been more important to look after our health and well-being; including diet and exercise. It’s not new information that exercise helps your body’s ability to fight off viruses and helps you maintain a strong immune system while building longevity. It is, however, groundbreaking that it can now be done in a way that doesn’t break the bank, helping you (and your wallet) feel lighter and stronger.  When times get tough, we shouldn’t have to compromise our health, and there are most certainly budget-friendly ways of staying fit

For me, fitness is my personal endorphin shot and provides balance during such a scary time. The leading misconception about fitness is that it is costly or simply uninspiring. During the pandemic, we have seen a positive shift occur with fitness professionals getting creative with how they hold and teach classes. As a result, prices have decreased, as overhead costs for studio space was significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. I’m going to take you through some of my favorite regiments for staying healthy and fit during this time.

I stick with the four areas I enjoy the most: barre fitness, cardio/yoga fusion, rollerblading, and simple sprint variations in nature. If your goal to stick to a fitness regimen long-term, it’s important to choose exercises that you enjoy!

Staying Fit at Home with Online Fitness Classes

For years, I practiced barre at a studio in Los Angeles and when the pandemic hit, I knew I was too addicted to these workouts to let them go. A friend of mine, Kimberly Green, formerly with the studio, decided to launch her own business called Barre Fit—which has been absolutely incredible. Barre Fit is a one-hour online class that can be done anywhere you have enough space to lift your legs, pulse, and dance it out! All you need is a chair or counter for your barre, yoga mat, free weights if you like and a towel… all providing an easy way to exercise and stay fit on a budget. The best part is that the pricing is incredibly fair:  Kim offers $12 single classes or more cost-efficient packages. Alternatively, (and something I have done many times), you can choose “On Demand” Sessions which are $5 a class. You just download the class and do them at your leisure within 24 hours of purchase which is a sweet deal. The best part is that with everything going on, it gets you out of your head for a solid hour and allows you to return with the strength needed to take on the day, whatever that may bring. Staying fit both physically and mentally helps uplift your day, too.

Choosing a One-Time Purchase for Long-Term Fitness Benefits

Back in the day, you could find me at the roller rink almost every Saturday. I was the queen, or so I thought, at speed skating, cruising, and even the backward skate. Years passed and the skates accumulated dust. When the pandemic hit, I decided to resume one of my favorite past- times and picked up skating again. I found blades on Amazon for a reasonable $40, and within a week was cruising on the pavement. The burn is fantastic! Staying fit in your neighborhood is easy with skates, as you can torch up to 1,000 calories within one hour of skating, keeping the fat where you want it: in your wallet. It’s a one-time purchase that enables you to gain the benefits over and over again. I also find that skating doesn’t feel like exercise as it’s fun when you’re with the right person, have the right scene, and right jams going.

Keeping Your Mind and Body (and Your Wallet) Happy

Another way of staying fit at home that allowed me to maintain my fitness during this pandemic is through Cardio Yoga. Initially, I met with my neighbor, safely and socially-distanced, on the rooftop of my building. We would do a one-hour session on Core Power Yoga. Core Power Yoga actually offers a 7-day trial to see if you jive well with the classes, followed by an affordable $15 a month subscription for unlimited online classes. Honestly, you cannot find a better deal than that. I love it because the yoga sculpts and targets different areas of your body while infusing a meditative yoga practice throughout, and all you need is your mat and mother nature, (if not your own living room). During colder months, I moved my practice into my kitchen, where I also do barre, and love that I can start my day straight out of bed knocking this out. This has minimized what can sometimes be a stressful drive to and from a studio (thanks, LA traffic), and also enabled me to stop spending excessive amounts on individual yoga classes. All in all, this way of staying fit at home was an easy way to exercise my body, as well as keep my mind focused.

Sticking to 100% Free and Easy Exercise: Walking or Running

The last thing,  and one that I think we don’t involve ourselves in enough in the health and fitness world, are good old-fashioned sprints. When we were in full lockdown, I got into the practice of going on walk/sprints by the beach as the sunlight and view was uplifting, and the exercise itself didn’t cost me a dime. I am not a runner; I enjoy the walk/sprint combination! I would choose a specific mile marker to ensure my sprints were within the golden number of 6 minutes and have the other increments of time for recovery. You can do these workouts without being an avid runner, and still get the benefits of cardio. Bonus if you decide to do them on an incline or stairs, with up and down sprints. Both your derriere and your credit score will rise as you spend more time on staying fit on a budget, and spend less money on staying “healthy”. Move your body! It’s a means of investing back into your health physically, mentally, and financially. That is a goal we should all aspire to in 2021 and beyond!

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